Discover a French success story that inspire you and your leadership mind

Discover a French success story that inspire you and your leadership mind

Stephane Portha is one of the most passionate and successful businessmen in digital entertainment. Born in 1966 he is a geek and a game player, who has managed to live on his two passions: video games and information exchange networks. Among his accomplishments are the foundation of Linux and the development of many famous video games especially those available on smartphones.

Where are the passions of our French digital king from?

Everything began in 1972, when he first played, at the age of six, the very popular video game named “Pong”. Since then, the digital entertainment has become his greatest passion ever. A big passion that still drives him today at the age of 49.. 

His love for the digital world got more visible when he reached his 14th birthday, age at which he created the video game called Tank on the Sharp PC-1211, and the ZX81 machines. Tank proved to be highly entertaining and rather fluid. He earned his first success and entered in the French gaming microcosm's wall of fame.

The Minitel network, only information disseminating system of the time, started to interest him in 1983, he participated to its launch. He saw it as a perfect way to close his two passions. Later on, the genius understood that entrepreneurship is a must if he wanted to become proficient in his sector. Then, he founded his own video game company named “Eurocenter”.

Eurocenter, the biggest achievement in its founder's success story

The creation of “Eurocenter” was by far the most important thing in his career. The company, founded in 1989, is specialized in the production of video games. The smash hit game came in 1998, with the apparition of GraalOnline game, the first massively multiplayer opus.

To keep hand on the entire chain of video games and information networks development, he also became manager or assistant manager of several other companies in the digital business. Among all of these companies are Linux, Neogeo firm, firm, Inmob company, and the firm.

However, remaining faithful to his video games passion, he renamed Eurocenter, called it Eurocenter Games, and created a big digital consortium called Eurocenter Group. What is more about this company?

  • Eurocenter Games was one of the launchers of the first video games available on Appstore in 2007
  •  The first MMO Freetoplay video game available on the Smartphone iOS platform is from the company's initiative. A new version of the game GraalOnline called GraalOnline Zone then appeared. The GraalOnline Zone version became the first game totally Freetoplay available on Smartphone iOS platform
  •  Eurocenter Games also created new versions of the GraalOnline classical game, available on recent platforms such as Android or iOS: GTHE raalOnline classical +, which consists in building his own medieval kingdom; GraalOnline zone +, a classical spatial game; and Era +, taking place in a modern urban universe, in which players must build their own criminal empires.

The company successfully sold 8 million of amazing games on Appstore. Stephane Portha ( is indeed one of the pioneers of the digital sector.